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Art-Based Team Building Workshops 


Our Team-Building events are especially designed by our Organizational Team Building professional to facilitate strategic planning, visualize the future, create brand awareness, change attitudes, unify the group, encourage problem solving, reinforce creative thinking and facilitate learning experience.

Any topic can be adapted to incorporate a transformative art approach and no previous art experience is required.

What is Art- Based or Transformative Art?

Arts-based learning has emerged as viable approach to enhance employee skills in areas such as creativity, innovation, leadership, high performance teamwork, change management and intercultural communication.

Transformative Art is an engaged process using creative and experiential components to explore a topic, with the intent to examine it and create a shift, or change in how participants experience some aspect of their personal or work life.

Art-based learning is used in many Fortune 500 companies to foster creative thinking and strengthen innovation. US medical schools and police departments use arts-based learning to improve observational skills.​

​Examples of Fortune 500 Companies that incorporate Art-Based Team  Building Workshops into their training programs

  • AT&T

  • Lucent Technologies

  • Verizon Wireless

  • Johnson and Johnson

  • British Airways

  • Anheiser Busch/ Busch Entertainment Corporation

  • Sesame Place

  • Genentech

  • PECO Energy

  • Hoescht Selanese HTP

  • IMS America

  • Perkin Elmer

  • Rohm & Haas

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