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Art-Based Corporate Team-Building Workshops 

Are designed to help improve your team's workplace satisfaction, productivity, performance, cohesiveness, innovation, creativity and much, much more.


What is Arts-based Team-building?

Social Team-Building Events


Are fun painting parties for work teams .

Community and Church Parties, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Promotions, Baby Showers, Bachelorette Parties and more


Our private group parties are specifically designed for each one of our guests.


Participants choose what they want to paint and each receives hands-on assistance to create their personal masterpieces. (10 people minimum)

*You send us your pet's photo,

*We hand-sketch your template,

*You paint the portrait.


Our pet portrait painting workshops are one of our most popular events because guests paint portraits of their beloved pets.


No painting experience is required as each participant receives hands-on assistance from our talented team of artists to create gorgeous paintings of their pets. (6 people minimum)

We are proud to support local non-profit organizations by donating up to 30% of our proceeds.


We support pet rescues and shelters, churches, community organizations and other charitable organizations.

Baltimore Maryland

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