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Pet Portraits - Paint Your Pet's Portrait

Our Pet Portrait Painting Events are unique in that we hand-sketch a realistic likeness of each participant’s pet.

With the help from our team of professional artist, participants use their templates to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind portraits of their beloved pets.

We take extra care to create very detailed sketches of your pets so that you know exactly what colors to use, how to do the shading and especially how to paint your pet's eyes - the gateway to your pet's soul.....


And of course, we assist you with your painting throughout the entire event. Our professional team of artists are specialists in painting pet portraits. We've also extended the length of our painting sessions to 3 hours to give our guests enough time to make their masterpieces.

Our canvases size are 16 x 20 inches, which makes for a wonderful gift or to hang in your home or office.

You send us your pet's photo, we sketch it on canvas, you paint the portrait
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