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Ania Milo - Artist's Statement 

I am an Artist — I Paint 

Every piece of artwork I create is a painted story of my emotional journey through life. Each work is an exploration and a discovery of the emotional energy I felt at different points of my life and the lessons I’ve learned during this process. 

As I create art, my work is not only an expression of my own emotions, but an invitation for others who have experienced similar feelings to recognize, connect with and find an emotional and spiritual bond with people with similar feelings. 

With every painting, my soul whirles with powerful energy filled with colorful and vivid images. As I transform each emotion into an image, the intensity and force of it makes it impossible for me to stop until I have “purged” myself, my soul and my spirit of all that is contained within. 

Most of my paintings are exuberant and full of my adventurous and courageous spirit. They flow with raw energy and passion and are a celebration of the awakening of my authentic self and are a way for me to give back and thank the Universe for the extraordinary gift that I have been given. 

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