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Ania's Bio 

Art for Ania is a personal journey of wholeness, self-discovery and spiritual fulfillment. Through her artwork, she continues to discover her authentic self, her purpose and meaning for her life.


Born and raised in Krakow, Poland behind the Iron Curtain of Communism, Ania felt a great divide between the luxurious, colorful and rich beauty of her native culture and the imposed “sameness” and dullness of the oppressive Communist Regime. She often escaped the dreariness of her everyday life to Krakow’s Old Town Art District where she wandered the halls of spectacular churches and galleries and looked upon works of famous Polish and international artists.


Revealing her innermost feelings and thoughts through her paintings, Ania creates an emotional connection with those who see her work. With her unique and transformative style of art, her passionate, expressive and raw energy, she has gained many admirers of her work.  And with her deeply personal and open engagement, many of her supporters are now her friends.


Ms. Milo is an extremely prolific painter having created hundreds of abstracts, pet portraits and artworks in various genres. Being a self-taught painter, she continually explores different painting styles, techniques and mediums. She accepts commissions, teaches art to groups and individuals and facilitates corporate art-based team-building workshops.


Ania is a mentor to emerging artists, providing them with internships and employment. She also chairs an Arts Committee which promotes local artists featuring them at art events, community beautification projects and fundraisers for local causes.


Ms. Milo holds a Bachelor degree in Linguistics with a concentration in Russian. She has earned a Master of Art degree in Leadership and Teaching and is a PhD candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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